Friday, June 17, 2011

Party Prep... Potty Training... Teething...

I have spent the last couple of weeks planning Lily's 3rd Birthday party.  I said this year I was going to go simple and it didn't turn out that way... I am going to attempt to make everything this year as far as cake and such... I purchased the decorations from my favorite site, Etsy! 

On Tuesday, I made a test run of the oreo lollipops I plan to make.  Needless to say it didn't go well.  After telling Brian about the mess, he suggested I put the dipped oreos in the freezer to help them set.  Voila, it worked and they were so pretty!  I wrapped one up on the counter and was saving it so Brian could see it when he get off work.  Not that he would care much, but I was proud of myself. 

As I was feeding Marley, I noticed Lily kept walking into the kitchen and rustling a few things around.  The last time she walked back into the living room, she had oreo all over her mouth.  She had gotten her stool {the one we took away for good reason} and helped herself to the lollipop.  She said, MMM, thats good! 

Silly girl!

big helper!

the half eaten masterpiece!

and again, a big helper!
Lily has been doing a GREAT job potty training!  We couldn't be more proud.  She is accident free through the day with pee and has had a few poop accidents at night.  She will continue to sleep with a pull up {nighttime panties} for now... She is also sleeping great in her bed now that we took the front rail off.  The other night after she fell asleep, she somehow made it to the floor.  So cute!

Miss Marley's first tooth finally broke through on Sunday!!!  She has been doing pretty good considering.  She was only fussy a few evenings right before bed.  She is chewing on anything and everything she can get her little hand on.  It is so cute when she smiles and you can see her little tooth peeking through :)

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