Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 FLOOD

I finally took the time to go and take some pictures of the awful flood everyone is enduring.  Today while I was on my lunch break I drove to Lewis and Clark Monument.  I was so surprised when I saw all of the water.  It is just devastating to see.  There are so many people being affected by this and I'm afraid none of us have seen the worst yet.  Only time will tell how bad this is going to be. 

I also walked just north of the jail to see the water that is starting to cover I 29 North as well as Big Lake.  It is just unreal how much water is back there.  A big portion of the road through Big Lake Park is under water.  So sad...

As of now, we are still at the jail.  There are so many rumors flying as to what will happen if we have to evacuate.  The city of Council Bluffs is announcing their emergency evacuation plan tomorrow IF it is deemed necessary to evacuate some 30,000 residents.  Hopefully we will have some news early this week.  Unfortunately, it is just a sit and wait situation right now.  But everyone is still remaining hopeful that the levee will hold and that we do not get much more rain.

Wednesday June 8, 2011 (Lewis & Clark)

Sunday June 12, 2011 (Lewis & Clark)

Note the HUGE difference in the 2 photos.  The one taken Wednesday shows all the trees in the middle.  On Sunday there are no trees.  The water has gotten much higher!

These show the jail...

This is the entrance to Big Lake on the east side at 8th St. and the road closure to I 29 North in front of the jail...

Big Lake

This was the ball field...  
Sandbags protecting the levee on the north side of the jail
the north side of the jail looking south and the water along side I 29.

I 29 and 680
Just north of the jail, its way too close!

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