Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain, snow, wind... go away!!!

Sporting her Tinkerbell raincoat and her Hello Kitty "rella"... she is ready to go to the store!

"gotta keep Marley dry"

4 days later it snowed like crazy!!!

Staying warm inside :)

Back to the doctor {again}

On the 16th, I took the girls to the doctor yet again!  Lily's hands and feet were still peeling and she started to get some weird thick scaly skin on her ankles and knees.  Good thing we went because both girls had infections in their left ears.  Lily either has severe eczema or the beginning of psoriasis.  In addition to antibiotics she was given a steroid cream to use for 10 days. 

Hoping this clears up soon!

Happy Valentine's Day

I was thankful to have gotten the day off to spend Valentine's Day at home.  I made the girls pancakes pancakes for breakfast and served them on heart paper plates.  They loved it!  We had a fairly low key day at home which was fine with me...

Dressed and ready for a few V day pictures.  I made the girls ruffle pants :)

I don't have any decent places in the house to take photos... Made do though!

Ready for a few V day goodies

Lastly a game of Memory!!!  Lily loved it :)

Don't touch my earrings...

I've been asking Lily for a while now if she wanted to get her ears pierced.  She always told me know until the day before Valentine's Day.  I didn't hesitate and we were out the door within the hour!  I didn't want her to change her mind... We picked up Lily's cousin Taylor to ride along while daddy stayed home with Marley. 

She was a bit apprehensive at first and had just a few tears.  Then she fell in LOVE with them!


getting closer...


and a few tears... but only for a second

She got the cutest sticker that said "I'm all ears... I just got my ears pierced"

All she wanted to do was look in the mirror when we got home :)

For several days following, Lily showed everyone her earrings but told them not to touch them!  We clean them 2-3 times a day and can switch out earrings at 2 months. 

Marley {15 months}

I really really wish my baby girl would stop growing up so fast!  Miss Marley turned 15 months old on February 9.  Marley is such a sweet little girl who is VERY independent!  She is full of dirty looks and attitude too...  Here is our baby girl at 15 months :)

Miss Marley at 15 mos:

22 lb 5 oz
head 18.43"
6-12-18 mo clothing depending on brand
size 4 diapers
size 4 shoes
10 teeth I think... still working on them
curly hair in back straight in the front
loves to eat throw food on the floor
loves her milk
throws her own diapers away
puts her dirty clothes in the hamper
LOVES to just scream at the top of her lungs :)
naps 1-2 times a day
LOVES bedtime and sleeps 10-12 hrs at night
learning how to run
does not like the stairs
says dada, mama, nigh nigh
blows kisses and waves bye bye
has a new found love for her baby doll

see... there is one of those dirty looks!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip to the dr {Lily}

I noticed something very bazaar with Lily on Monday.  Her fingers and toes were peeling something fierce.  The skin was coming off in large sheets.  It obviously wasn't bothering her but just looked horrible.  Then I happened to look in her mouth and realized her tonsils looked like baseballs... well not that big but HUGE.  I made her an appointment with the doctor that afternoon.  Unfortunately, our pediatrician was hospitalized so we had to see an stand in doctor.  We waited FOREVER!!!  I'm sorry but 2 children in a room for half an hour was enough to drive me nutty.  Here is our visit...

The visit started out nice and calm

Then a little of this...

And a little more!  I also realized I put Marley's boots on the the wrong feet.  Woops!

And a little banging and screaming...

Then a lesson by Miss Lily...

So 30 minutes later we were seen.  Lily's tonsils were indeed enlarged and her skin of course looked abnormal.  They ran a rapid strep test and that came back negative.  The doctor said she was exhibiting some signs of something more serious but on another note Lily was acting quite well.  What?  I was super confused and worried.  So after consult with another physician, the doctor said sometimes the skin can peel with certain viral infections.  But it could also mean something else.  She urged me to keep an eye on her and if she developed a fever we were to take her back in or go to the ER.  So at this point I didn't know what to think.  I took several pictures of Lily's hands and feet when we got home and sent them to my sister.  She was worried about it as well.  So the next day I called the doctors office and spoke with a different nurse.  She consulted with the 2nd physician in hopes to get some answers.  He advised we didn't need to be concerned about this other "disease" and that she would be fine.  Phew!!!  Talk about a roller coaster.  It appears the "stand in" physician said a little more than she should have without really knowing.  Luckily Lily's 48 hour strep culture was negative as well so she simply has a virus that will get better!

A small glimpse of her fingers...

A little catch up...

A photo update of what we've been up to the past month or so...

Playing peek-a-boo after breakfast

Second hair cut

Lunch break while shopping for Lily's new bed...

Lily had a built to grow crib that we had made into a full size bed.  This bed was beautiful but it took up her entire room.  We wanted something smaller so she could have space to play and move around.

Helping daddy put it together

All tucked in to her NEW bed

It's still a work in progress but she has SO much more room now.  We love it!

So sweet :)

Very independent girl learning to use a spoon!

Playing dress up...

She personally requested that I take her picture with her frilly dress!

Our princesses :)

Hot chocolate and a snack before bed

Watching Despicable Me

Playing in the garage

Still working on that spoon...

And this is what happened when I turned around for a second!

Doesn't she look so innocent?  I made each girl a pair of these ruffles to wear for V day...