Thursday, May 24, 2012

More of March...

So, just when I thought I was only a month and a half behind I realize I am over 2 months behind.  Duh!  By looking at my last post it read April 7... so of course I thought April 8 would be next.  WRONG... I actually posted March photos which were 3 weeks behind... ugh...  So I'm backtracking a tad from Easter!

Daddy and his girls on a walk 3/15

While cleaning the girls decided to steal the bathroom rugs and have a tea party and play hopscotch!  3/19

I love that we only get 2 houses away and Marley already has her shoes and socks off!  3/20

She loves looking out the window... 3/22

Sick little girl :( 3/24

Caught red handed!!!  Little stinker... But hey it's ok to make a mess as long as you clean it up!  3/24

Paiting her playhouse

So they next day Marley was still not feeling well and threw the biggest fit when I tried to put her in her highchair... so this is where she ate her breakfast!

Ok... blogger is acting up and it's late so will have to finish this later!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where o' where has the time gone? {Easter}

Wow, I have really neglected this poor blog.  This is supposed to be the place where I journal to remember things... Sad thing is it has been so long I'm sure I have no idea what happened a month ago!  So much has happened... nothing big though... So here are LOTS of photos from the last well... month and a half...  On second thought, I didn't realize Easter was the next day so this will be EASTER Sunday!

The girls Easter baskets all filled...

So I decided to get the girls all dressed and ready to go and then give them their Easter baskets and head right out the door.  BAD idea!  Marley has this thing where if you put her shoes on she thinks she gets to leave RIGHT now!  So... she was rather upset at the beginning!  This didn't help me with the whole process since it already took an hour to get everyone ready! 

and there is the smiles I was waiting for...

As a first time Easter egg hunter, this girl knew exactly what to do!  And she wouldn't put the basket of eggs down when we were done either!  Needless to say she had a blast and I so enjoyed watching her sweet little expressions when she saw the next egg! 

And Lily had been talking about hunting eggs at Grandmas for weeks!  She was so excited!

Cousins... notice Marley stealing eggs out of Cash's basket!

This little beauty of a toy was one of mine as a child.  Fisher Price has come a long way I must say! 

And to go along with that an old school Radio Flyer tricycle.  I'm going to feel really bad about getting rid of all of the girls toys when they outgrow them, but where on earth would I store them!

Then when daddy got home from work they finally got to see all the goodies in their baskets! 

Marleys first taste of and M&M... she was thrilled! 

Oh and apparently they didn't get enough of hunting eggs on Easter so they continued to hunt them in the back yard for several days after!