Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another warm day! {3/14}

The weather has been so unseasonably warm around here.  Can't say how much I love it!!!  We enjoyed lots of time outdoors...

While driving through the neighborhood one day, I drove by a house that had a Little Tikes playhouse with a FREE sign on it.  I did a double take and put the car in reverse.  Sure enough, the gal said her kids had outgrown it and that it needed a bit of TLC, but we were welcome to take it home!  The girls just love the house! 


Friday, April 6, 2012

Paint the walls {finally}

After almost 3 1/2 years I, along with some great help, finally painted the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  My mom came down to watch the girls so we could get everything painted in one day.  We started about 9 and were done by 3.  Love the new look!  We still have some decorating to do but that will come with time...

mid painting... some was wet some was dry.

all done... I still have the hall to finish.  I chose Olympic Premium paint since it has zero VOCs.  I used Camel in the living room and dining room and Drifting dune in the kitchen.  LOVE how it turned out!

the girls were glad to get back upstairs after spending most of the day in the basement. 

I originally purchased this rug to go in the living room but after some thought decided to use it in the dining room.  This was way out of my comfort zone but am SO glad I got it!  It makes the room look so much bigger.  I still need to get some curtains but will wait until we get the rest of the decor done.   

March (part 1)

  Marey and her baby...                              Dr Seuss's Birthday

Such a sweet big sister wiping her baby sisters runny nose... sick again

Watching tv

miss match day at school

We can't even make it out of the neighborhood without taking the shoes and socks off!!!

sometimes they play so well together :)

pizza minus the "beat balls"



enjoying the warm sunshine

after a new pair of sneakers she was able to master walking in the grass

so sweet :)

Disney on Ice {& one ruined camera}

It has been a rough couple of months at our house.  The girls were sick 3 times and we had lots of ear infections.  Now that Spring is here we hope to be back to normal!

At the end of February we took Lily to her first BIG event!  Disney on Ice!!!  She was so excited to go... actually I think we were more excited to take her!  It was an expensive day trip for us, hence a chocolate milk covered camera,  but well worth it.  With her $10 bucket of popcorn she was ready for the show...

Ariel seemed to be a BIG hit!!!

Just look at that face... 

After a potty break and a 15 minute intermission, an Ariel snow cone!

Waving goodbye to everyone...

Showing off her new Ariel :)