Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful dinner with Brian's family then headed out for a little Black Friday (Thursday) shopping! 


Shadow Lake Tree Lighting

Earlier in the week we braved the cold windy weather to attend the Shadow Lake tree lighting and Santa's arrival for the first time.  We headed out early to eat dinner and get a good parking space.  Then the freezing began! 

We had 30 minutes to wait for the Peppermint Elves concert to begin and 30 more minutes for the parade and Santa.  Seemed like forever!  The kids were given jingle bells to ring while they were waiting for Santa.  Lily loved them but  Marley seemed to be quite bashful and hid her head in several shoulders to hide from the crowd. 
Once the concert started both girls wanted to be held the entire time!  Can't blame them though...  They would have missed the fun! 
Santa arrived in style!
By the time the tree was lit I couldn't feel my feet to walk to the car.  Next time I will be sure to wear some warmer shoes or boots.  What was I thinking...




Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miss M's 3rd Birthday Party

 I took on the task of making Marley's cake this year.  It seemed so easy looking at the pictures I found on Pinterest.  I used two 9x13 cakes and pieced them together.  The cakes turned out great, then the frosting.  Not so easy!  But after much patience, we were very proud of the result.  Plus Marley approved!  Even though she never even ate any.  Not a cake fan...  not sure whose child she is, lol! 
I had the sweetest dress made by Okee Dokee Kids.  Marley loved it to pieces.  She isn't one for photos but was super excited to wear this so that helped a mama out! 

and... this year she was so excited for presents!  Christmas will be sure to be a hit in our house this year! 
Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We love you so much!!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Marley is 3

Little Miss Marley turned 3 on Saturday.  After only about 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep this girl has had better days.  We tried to make the most of it though.  We went to our favorite bakery in the morning for donuts followed by lunch at a new hot dog place in town.  Before bed we sang Happy Birthday with a cupcake and Marley chose to eat a popsicle instead.  That is until she cried because it was too cold!  Overall she had a great birthday, can't wait to celebrate with our family this weekend! 

Look how she has grown...

I'm baaack...

Lots of exciting things going on over at the Snyder household.  So much has happened over the last year and a half.  First off, Brian and I got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in June 2013.  It was a much needed get away.  We had soo much fun!

In July we learned we were expecting baby #3 (wedding/honeymoon surprise)!  This came as quite a shock as we weren't really prepared for that news.  We got rid of all our baby things after Miss M was born so we will be starting all over again!  Over time though, we slowly got used to the idea of having another little one around.  And this time around, we are having a BOY!!!  So excited for this new adventure. 

Then last week, after nearly 11 years of work at the jail, I became a SAHM!  I am very very thankful for Brian suggesting this to me.  It never really occurred to us in the beginning how much daycare would cost plus the added stress of us never being home together given our work schedules.  I have so many things planned with my time off.  Potty training, organizing, decorating the nursery and so on! 

So, I hope to be able to make this a regular occurrence from now on.  Will see how I do!