Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miss M's 3rd Birthday Party

 I took on the task of making Marley's cake this year.  It seemed so easy looking at the pictures I found on Pinterest.  I used two 9x13 cakes and pieced them together.  The cakes turned out great, then the frosting.  Not so easy!  But after much patience, we were very proud of the result.  Plus Marley approved!  Even though she never even ate any.  Not a cake fan...  not sure whose child she is, lol! 
I had the sweetest dress made by Okee Dokee Kids.  Marley loved it to pieces.  She isn't one for photos but was super excited to wear this so that helped a mama out! 

and... this year she was so excited for presents!  Christmas will be sure to be a hit in our house this year! 
Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We love you so much!!!


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