Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shadow Lake Tree Lighting

Earlier in the week we braved the cold windy weather to attend the Shadow Lake tree lighting and Santa's arrival for the first time.  We headed out early to eat dinner and get a good parking space.  Then the freezing began! 

We had 30 minutes to wait for the Peppermint Elves concert to begin and 30 more minutes for the parade and Santa.  Seemed like forever!  The kids were given jingle bells to ring while they were waiting for Santa.  Lily loved them but  Marley seemed to be quite bashful and hid her head in several shoulders to hide from the crowd. 
Once the concert started both girls wanted to be held the entire time!  Can't blame them though...  They would have missed the fun! 
Santa arrived in style!
By the time the tree was lit I couldn't feel my feet to walk to the car.  Next time I will be sure to wear some warmer shoes or boots.  What was I thinking...




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