Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sick kids...

Lily is still sick with her cold and now Marley and Brian are getting it.  Marley coughed and gagged all night last night.  Poor little girl, poor me.  I felt like I didn't get any sleep.  She was crying in her sleep...I felt so bad for her.  I try to make it a habit not to pick her up because I'm afraid she will get used to that.  Around 7:20 or so she started screaming at the top of her lungs.  I picked her up and tried to lay her down next to me.  I could fell that she was soaking wet.  I got her out of her swaddle me and sure enough soaked with pee from head to toe.  For some odd reason they don't start making overnight diapers until size 3 or 4, don't they think little ones sleep through the night?  Anyway I got her changed and dry and she was still so unhappy I ended up feeding her.  She downed her bottle and we straight back to sleep until 10:20.  In fact no one in the house was up until then either.  Must be the weather. 

I called the pediatricians office first thing and told them about Marley.  We thought that it would be a good idea to get her in to be seen just in case.  Especially since New Years is around the corner.  She checked out just fine...weighed 9 lbs 7 oz.  She gained 13 oz in 2 weeks.  Perfect for her age!  Our doctor advised to keep a close eye on her and if she developed a fever of 100.4 or higher or got worse to just take her to Children's ER.  We did also discuss her horrible gas issues.  Marley seems to be in so much pain with it.  The pediatrician gave us a prescription for some new gas drops to try.  She is thinking that if she is having some sort of milk intolerance that this may help with the cramping.  So now she is on Prevacid for reflux and prescription gas drops.  We all hope she grows out of this quickly. 

Marley is 7 weeks old

Tuesday Marley turned 7 weeks old.  She is filling out so much in the face now.  Still not near as chunky as Lily though.  She is still wearing all her newborn clothes and diapers.  Lily was in 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers by this age. 

Marley is still waking up a ton in the night.  She doesn't seem to be really upset, just having a lot of issues with gas...So is her daddy!  I am usually able to get her back to sleep without picking her up at all.  Then by 6 or 7 I just pick her up and let her lay by me till 8 or 9.  Not bad at all.  At least I can get a little rest. 

Recovering from Christmas...

Lily woke up Monday morning sick with a cold.  Her nose was running all over and she was so congested.  She was in good spirits though asking me where her mermaid shoes were.  I knew exactly what she was talking about (her princess shoes).  I felt so bad...I reminded her that those were Isabells shoes and that we could play with them again some other time.  She soon forgot about it.  She did however where her costumes all day. 

Every morning since we have gotten the Christmas tree, Lily has asked me to turn on the Christmas momma...meaning plug in the tree.  She just loves Christmas.  I hope this continues for many years to come.  She even has her own Christmas tree in her room that she is very proud of.  Whenever a visitor would come over she would take them in her room to show them her Christmas as she calls it. 

I spent the entire day doing laundry, or at least when Marley would allow me to put her down.  I obviously held her way too much over the weekend because she would cry as soon as I put her down.  Between Lily and Marley they got nearly 30 outfits.  I washed all the new clothes as well as everything else.  I ended up doing 9 loads I think.  Way too much!

It also seems that I put my foot in my mouth over the weekend about how well Marley had been sleeping in her crib.  She wouldn't nap at all.  I would get her to lay down, she'd fall asleep, then would wake up with in 5-10 minutes.  By late afternoon she was so exhausted and crabby.  So was I. 
Lily watching her new Tinkerbell movie in her Cinderella costume.  Another funny tidbit about Lily...she has this constant need to "pull up my leeves...don't get dirty".  I'm guessing I am to blame for this because I'm always pulling up her sleeves at feeding times so she doesn't get dirty.  She wears such nice clothes all the time...

Christmas in Iowa

On Sunday, the day after Christmas we went out to Avoca to celebrate with my mom and siblings.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my moms table.  It was so pretty!  We had a noon dinner with prime rib, twice baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, garlic rolls, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, corn, barley bake, and salad.  We also had plenty of other snacks as well.  Awesome food!!!  After dinner we cleaned up and passed out presents.  We let the kids go first one at a time (at least we tried).  Lily and Marley got new clothes and a few toys.  Clothes are so nice at this point because we know they will get lots of use with both girls.  Marley slept most of the time while we were out there.  Only waking up to eat.  My sister and brother taught me how to play cribage.  I'm sure by the time I play it again they will have to re-teach me.  We headed home about 5 so we would have plenty of time to wind down before bed.  It was a long weekend...
Marley sleeping while we opened our presents...

Lily just loves her dress up clothes.  The shoes were actually Isabells...I think Lily enjoyed them more than she did.  An idea for next time!  And this is Marley awake in her Christmas dress from Grandma Lori. 

Grandma Lori with Marley 

My mom with all the grandkids, my sister Michelle, and brother Kevin. 
Merry Christmas until next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Since we got to sleep so late Christmas Eve we slept in a little.  Marley woke up about 6 and I just laid her down next to me until about 8:30.  I got up and fed her and waited for Lily to wake up.  At about 9:15 I woke up Brian and figured we may as well get ready to get her up.  We got the video camera and went in to wake her up.  She was very bashful getting up, probably the camera in her face.  We told her Santa had been here and had brought her and Marley some presents.  She seemed excited.  Once we got her down the hallway and out to the tree she saw her present.  Santa brought her a vanity table with a mirror and stool.  She was thrilled.  We continued on with opening up presents from mommy and daddy.  She got several new dresses with leggings (loves dresses), books, Tinkerbell movie, Max & Ruby movie, a HUGE dollhouse and lots of furniture, a Tinkerbell costume, pink fairy wings and wand, and a few other smaller items.  Lily even got to open Marleys presents for her.  Marley got some new tshirts, books, outfits, a Sophie the girafe teether, and a new Boppy pillow. 

After she finished opening presents upstairs we went downstairs to see what Santa left in the stockings.  Lily got a Snoopy nightlight, an Olivia shirt, Tinkerbell doll, toothbrushes, silverware, sunglasses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book, and Moon Dough.  Marley got a book, rattle, and a new car seat toy. 

Overall both girls made out like bandits.  Mommy got a new North Face fleece, a Willow Tree figurine, and a Woodwicks candle.  Daddy got a new PS3 game, lounge pants, socks, etc...

 After cleaning up the presents we made Chrismas breakfast.  We had eggs, pancakes, and bacon.  Yummy!  Then we got to relax a little before getting ready to go to Brians dads around 3. 

We arrived at Papa Mikes apartment on time.  We had a very nice dinner of ham, potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, corn, and sweet potatoes. 

After dinner we opened presents.  Of course Lily and Marley had tons of gifts.  Lily got a new V-Tech camera that takes real pictures, an art easel, a Sing-a-ma-jig, and Olivia dress up trunk, outfits, shoes, colors and books, pj's, blanket, and probably more that I can't remember.  Marley got some nice new outfits and toys.  She even got a very special cross-stiched picture with her name and birth information on it as well as a new hand knitted Nebraska hat from Eva and Larry.  Eva does such wonderful work.  Thank you!!!

Marley was fairly content most of the night.  She seemed to be getting a little wore out because she wasn't getting her regular naps.  After I fed her I put her in her Moby wrap and carried her around.  She seems to love that thing and so do I. 

One more Christmas to attend Sunday at my moms...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Over the course of 3 days we had 3 Christmases.  Christmas Eve we drove out to Shelby to have Christmas with my dad and his wife Cindy and my siblings.  We were a little worried about the weather but did not have any problems at all getting out there.  We arrived early in order to feed Marley on time.  We enjoyed lots of good food and visiting before Santas arrival around 7 pm.  Courtney, Marley, and my dad were the only ones to sit on Santas lap.  Lily, Isabell, and Cash wouldn't even go get their presesnts from him.  Chase was the brave soul that walked up there to get his.  The kids really enjoyed their presents from Santa.  Lily got a Tinkerbell book and Tinkerbell blanket.  Marley got a fuzzy rabbit blanket buddy. 

After Santa left the kids started passing out the presents.  Normally we have each child go one at a time in birth order but of course with 3 two year olds, etc...this didn't work.  It was very hard to take pictures, video tape, and watch everyone else open their presents to see their reaction.  But all in all everyone had a blast.  The kids behaved very well.  Marley especially did awesome considering she hardly got to sleep while we were there. 

We planned on leaving by 9 pm but didn't get to leave until almost 10 because we fed Marley before we left.  Lily stayed awake the whole way home!  We were thankful to get both girls to sleep in order to get ready for Christmas morning. 

         (my dad with Marley and his wife Cindy with Lily)

                        reading Twas the night before Christmas               


Marleys 1st Christmas

Lily has a new found love for she got a Tinkerbell book with a wand and a fluffy Tinkerbell blanket!

         Lily also got to open all of Marley's presents

Marleys antique bird cage for her room...

all the grandkids in their pj's from Gma Lori