Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decorating the tree

We set out on Monday night to get a Christmas tree.  We have gotten a tree from the same place since we bought our house.  This year they moved locations...We headed up there and to our surprise they were closed.  There was a sign on their camper that read "Closed due to wind".  Seriously, its windy all the time here.  So we went to Menards to see what they had.  We had already told Lily we were getting a tree and she seemed pretty exicted.  We always get a HUGE tree so I didn't think Menards would have anything close to that.  So I asked the gentleman at Menards for their biggest tree...luckily they had OUR tree, an 11' Frasier Fir.  It was the last one that big so I was thrilled. 

We thought Lily kept saying "Chrismtas tree" and that she was super excited about it...I realized halfway through the Menards trip she had been saying "Christmas treat".  No wonder she was excited.  So since she was so good on our outing she got to have a few gummy fruit snacks. 

Still on our way home, she got all lit up when she saw some Christmas lights.  She says Christmas so cute, Brian and I both think its the cutest thing she has ever said. 

The darn tree was so huge, I think Brian wishes he had help getting it into the house.  He ended up carrying it around back and up the stairs on the deck through the sliding door in the kitchen.  He thought it would make less of a really didn't.  We managed to get it into the stand without too much trouble.  We watered it and let it sit overnight to thaw out. 

We didn't get too far with the decorating the next day.  We got the lights and the beads on.  We had a big fiasco with the lights.  The first string we got out worked only halfway.  Then they fell on the floor and all of a sudden they were working.  Wouldn't you know it after we get them on the tree they stop working.  We figured out which light it was and got it fixed.  Then 2nd to last string I had to go to Target and get more lights.  The last 2 sets we had at home didn't work.  I had several other things to get at the store too so it took me about an hour. 

So I hurry home with the new lights and we get them strung on the tree.  We were hurrying so to get done because Lily was about ready to get up from her nap and we wanted her to see the lighted tree.  All of a sudden we see twinkling lights...what the heck.  Brian looked at the first box and it reads "twinkling".  Darn it!!!  The box must have been in the wrong spot.  We read the directions and it "says" that you can make them steady, you just have to switch the bulbs.  Easier said than done.  None of the bulbs are marked and we switched several of them and couldn't figure it out.  So Brian headed back to the store and I stayed with the kids.  Brian needed to get his ladder anyway so it all worked out in the end.
prior to decorating

tea party by the tree

all done except for a little adjusting of the stand...

and daddy thought it was a good idea to teach her how to climb the ladder...look mommy

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