Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recovering from Christmas...

Lily woke up Monday morning sick with a cold.  Her nose was running all over and she was so congested.  She was in good spirits though asking me where her mermaid shoes were.  I knew exactly what she was talking about (her princess shoes).  I felt so bad...I reminded her that those were Isabells shoes and that we could play with them again some other time.  She soon forgot about it.  She did however where her costumes all day. 

Every morning since we have gotten the Christmas tree, Lily has asked me to turn on the Christmas momma...meaning plug in the tree.  She just loves Christmas.  I hope this continues for many years to come.  She even has her own Christmas tree in her room that she is very proud of.  Whenever a visitor would come over she would take them in her room to show them her Christmas as she calls it. 

I spent the entire day doing laundry, or at least when Marley would allow me to put her down.  I obviously held her way too much over the weekend because she would cry as soon as I put her down.  Between Lily and Marley they got nearly 30 outfits.  I washed all the new clothes as well as everything else.  I ended up doing 9 loads I think.  Way too much!

It also seems that I put my foot in my mouth over the weekend about how well Marley had been sleeping in her crib.  She wouldn't nap at all.  I would get her to lay down, she'd fall asleep, then would wake up with in 5-10 minutes.  By late afternoon she was so exhausted and crabby.  So was I. 
Lily watching her new Tinkerbell movie in her Cinderella costume.  Another funny tidbit about Lily...she has this constant need to "pull up my leeves...don't get dirty".  I'm guessing I am to blame for this because I'm always pulling up her sleeves at feeding times so she doesn't get dirty.  She wears such nice clothes all the time...

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