Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lily & Kennady {playdate}

Today the girls and I went my friend Kari's house so our girls could play together and for us to catch up a bit.  We haven't seen each other much lately since we are all so busy with kids and work.  We all had a great time.  The girls got to play outside in the sprinkler, play dress up, and watch a movie.  The mommies got to chit chat like old times.  And, Marley even slept through most of it. 

We will definitely have to do it again very soon!

waiting patiently for the sprinkler!!!

getting used to the cold water...

didn't take too long though...

a {2} popsicle break!

eating a snack and watching The Little Mermaid

I can honestly say I am going to have to get Lily a Snow White dress for Christmas.  Not sure where I will find one but she would be thrilled!  She fell in love with the dress and matching shoes and said she wanted to take it home. 

Lily refers to Snow White as "Snow Whipe" 

Lily continued her busy day by spending the rest of the day and overnight with Aunt Teresa.  What a fun filled day for a 3 year old girl.  Mommy, Daddy, and Marley had a nice dinner out and watched a movie after Marley went to bed!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lily's 3 Year Check-up

Yesterday afternoon I took Lily to her 3 year check up.  Every time Lily gets a boo boo she says we need to go see Dr. Macklem.  Good thing she likes going.

Lily had a flawless check up as usual.  She is growing and growing!

Weight:  36 lbs 4 oz   (90%)
Height:  37.3"   (47%)

Lily has always been a big girl!

Wears size 3-4t clothing and size 7-8 shoes.  Loves pony tails and barrettes (although she never keeps them in).  Has never had a hair cut (but needs one soon). Goes to bed in her big girl bed by 9:15 and falls asleep who knows when.  Wakes up anywhere from 7:30 to 9 (99% of the time towards 9).  Is 100% potty trained during the day and wears pull-ups at night time.  Can dress herself for the most part and puts her own shoes on.  Knows at least 20 letters in the alphabet (sometimes more).  Knows all her colors and most shapes.  Can usually identify right hand/foot and left.  Knows her name, age and gender.

Some of Lily's favorites at 3 years of age:

Pink and yellow colors
Dressing up in princess and fairy costumes
Reading books
Eating PB & J sandwiches
Juice and Milk
Going shopping
Any kind of fruit except Kiwi {doesn't like the black seeds}
Playing with her baby sister
Listening and dancing to music
Anything Tinkerbell or Princess
Dresses and skirts
Painted fingernails and toenails
Cute little cars on the road (weird)
Watching movies on mommy's iPhone in the car
Playing outside
Watching tv and movies

and of course Mommy, Daddy, and all of her family!!!

oh and making messes :)

I'm sure I forgot a few things but these are some of her favorites.  Here are a few cute things I've heard her say the past few weeks:

"It's not working... I just need some pixie dust"

"oooh, look at the yellow car... I just wanna drive it!"

"I wanna save my {Tinkerbell} bag and give it to daddy..."

"oooh, look at the muddy puddle..."

"I just wanna taste it... I just want it in my mouth {sweets}"

"are you kidding me?" {gets this from mommy}

"You're driving me crazy!" 

"Are you happy?"  "I'm happy!"

Mommy said, "thanks baby."  Lily said, "I'm a GIRL!"

"Don't say why..." {when asked why?"

The things kids say.  I wish I had the time to write things down when she says them. 

and look how I've grown :)

Zoo {HOT} Day

Friday mid morning we made an unplanned trip to the zoo.  I was off work and since we don't have very many days where Brian and I are both home together we decided to make the most of it.  We packed snacks and drinks and off we went.  We finally put the double stroller to the test and it was wonderful.  I love it.  Lily was able to walk when she wanted to and sit down in the shade and rest when tired.  I forgot my camera so all I had was my phone... didn't take very many pictures. 

The gorillas were scalding hot so we couldn't sit on those and Lily wasn't a big fan of the bridge in the jungle. 

cooling off in the aquarium before heading home...

I didn't take any pictures of Marley at the zoo.  She was such a good baby though... she never made a peep.  We did our best to keep her cool and in the shade.  Later after we got home we ran to Target for a couple of things.  Marley sat in a shopping cart by herself for the FIRST time.  She did a great job!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Odds N Ends...

Don't have much to report here from the past week other than it has been entirely too hot!!!  We have been stuck inside most of the time with all the blinds and curtains closed trying to help the AC out as much as possible.  Since we have NO shade at our house the air has been running constantly during the day. 

Marley is closer than ever to crawling.  She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth but reverts to inching around when she needs to get somewhere.  She is getting into more and more things all the time.  I'm going to have to put up another gate to the hallway because I've found her in the bathroom a couple of times already...

Here are some catch up photos from the last week or so...

Lily playing with her new birthday toys... and later that night she fell asleep with her "pack pack" on...

and the next morning :)

Saturday 7/16 was Cash's 3rd Birthday...

and Sunday 7/17 was Chase's 3rd Birthday!

mischievous little girl...

and trying so so hard to crawl... almost there!

yesterday we drove out to Avoca to have the girls pictures taken... this was the night before trying on outfits...

last night Marley was infatuated with Lily's Tinkerbell book.  She kept trying to grab at all of the pictures.  It was so funny!

This morning the girls and I went to Whole Foods for Marleys baby food supplies.  I am starting to make chunkier foods since she is starting to show interest in feeding herself.  She has been doing a great job with puffs and baby mum mums so I thought I would try some fruit.  I steamed the pears then cut them up into tiny little pieces.  She ate some for dinner tonight and did very well.  Tomorrow she gets new oatmeal cereal!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!!!

Today was Miss Lily's 3rd Birthday!!!  We spent most of the day inside staying cool.  We played and watched a movie.  Later in the afternoon, I took the girls to Target so Lily could use some of her birthday money. 

Its so cute when we get close to the store I ask Lily where we are going.  She always blurts out... "TARGET!"  She knows me too well!

So... Lily picked out a Princess tutu dress, a pair of shoes, a book, and a pair of plastic dress up heels.  Big mistake for taking her down that aisle.  The shoes are SO noisy... Will have to save those for downstairs or when Marley is awake. 

Here are some cute photos of the girls this morning...

Brian picked up Dairy Queen for us for dinner.  Then we ate cake... Ice Cream cake that is...

patiently waiting for her cake...

ready for presents!

Marley had to help too...

Princess Lily... and her noisy shoes!!!

and yes I know, she and I both need fresh pedicures courtesy of mommy!