Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sitting up! Scooting! Puffs! Sick!!!

Marley has had several firsts this past week!  Last Sunday she sat up for the first time for more than just a few seconds.  As of today, she is sitting up for lengthy periods.  Yeah!!!

Marley is also scooting all over the place.  When you put her down she scoots herself on her stomach like a little snake.  She scoots from one room to the next.  So cute!!!
On Monday, we gave Marley puffs for the first time.  She did an awesome job picking up the puffs and feeding herself!  However, she was less than thrilled with the new texture in her mouth.  She gagged and her little eyes were watering. Practice makes perfect so we will keep trying!

 I'm ready...
got it!
in my mouth!
double ick!!!

I tried so hard not to laugh... but it was so cute!!!

Tuesday afternoon, Taylor took Lily swimming.  After she got home, Brian made her some dinner and she wouldn't eat.  We didn't think much of it... Then she fell asleep on the couch.  Lily has only done this one other time a year ago on her birthday and she was sick with a high fever. 

Tuesday night she didn't seem warm at all.  She just continued to lay on the floor and the couch most of the evening.  I gave her a bath and put her to bed.  Then at 1:00 in the morning she opened the bedroom door crying saying she needed to go potty.  First of all this is the first time Lily has woke up in the middle of the night saying she needed to go to the bathroom.  The the surprise hit me... more like the smell!  I sat her on the toilet and she was covered in vomit.  YUCK!!! It was all over her and her bed. 

I woke Brian up so he could help me get Lily cleaned up while I changed her bedding.  Her temperature was 102 so we gave her some Tylenol.  We got her all tucked back into bed and layed down and she threw up again.  ARGH!!! I can't stand it when anyone throws up... Even my own kid... I felt so bad for her!  I was up most of the night jumping up and down making sure she was ok. 

Thankfully we made it to morning.  She attempted to eat breakfast but ended up not eating anything.  We set up the basement for her so she could lay down there in an attempt to steer clear of Marley.  She laid around and watched movies all day.  She even fell asleep on the couch again with daddy! 

As of today she is feeling a little bit better.  She finally started to get a little bit of her spunk and appetite back. 

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