Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!!!

Today was Miss Lily's 3rd Birthday!!!  We spent most of the day inside staying cool.  We played and watched a movie.  Later in the afternoon, I took the girls to Target so Lily could use some of her birthday money. 

Its so cute when we get close to the store I ask Lily where we are going.  She always blurts out... "TARGET!"  She knows me too well!

So... Lily picked out a Princess tutu dress, a pair of shoes, a book, and a pair of plastic dress up heels.  Big mistake for taking her down that aisle.  The shoes are SO noisy... Will have to save those for downstairs or when Marley is awake. 

Here are some cute photos of the girls this morning...

Brian picked up Dairy Queen for us for dinner.  Then we ate cake... Ice Cream cake that is...

patiently waiting for her cake...

ready for presents!

Marley had to help too...

Princess Lily... and her noisy shoes!!!

and yes I know, she and I both need fresh pedicures courtesy of mommy!

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  1. Just wanted to leave you a note and let you know that I made your recipe from Kelly's Korner last night & my husband and I both loved it!! :)