Monday, July 11, 2011

8 months old

Miss Marley was 8 months old on Saturday.  When I got home from work Marley wasn't acting right.  Brian's niece Taylor was watching the girls while Brian went to a wedding reception.  Marley kept laying her head on Taylor and snuggled.  I picked her up and she felt really warm.  Her temperature was 103.2.  Highest temp either of our girls have ever had.  She had no other symptoms just the fever.

I have her some Tylenol and waited it out.  An hour later it had gone down to 102.6.  I gave her a bath and called the doctors office.  The nurse I spoke with said not to worry and that it would be okay to give her some Motrin.  So with the new medicine and a bedtime bottle, Marley was fast asleep in bed. 

On a happier note, Marley is officially sitting up on her own!  She scoots all over too!  She eats baby food twice a day, once in the morning and once at dinner time.  She eats 5 oz of formula with her food and 6 oz otherwise.  She still eats 5 bottles a day. 

She naps anywhere from 1-3 times a day and sleeps around 11 hours at night.  She is working on her 2nd tooth so I'm sure this is the cause of some of her discomfort.  She is also drooling quite a bit.

Marley is wearing 6-9 month clothing with the occasional 3-6 month piece.  She can still wear size 2 diapers but is in size 3 only because we ran out of 2's and we have 4-5 huge boxes of size 3 from my stock pile. 

She still loves to be carried around but will play in her exersaucer once in a while.  She also loves to just roll around and play with her toys.  At this point she isn't attached to any certain toy or blankie.  She has however been getting into Lily's little dollhouse.  Its so cute to see her explore on her own!  Oh and she likes her pacifier quite a bit! 

She has more hair at this age than Lily did and she is even starting to get a little curl behind her ears :)

Here is our happy 8 month old girl!!!

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