Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lily's 3rd Birthday Party!

First of all... warning... there are A LOT of photos.  I spent so much time and effort on this party I wanted to show it off a bit!

Today we had Lily's 3rd Birthday party with our family and friends.  Lily's birthday isn't for a couple of weeks but today and tomorrow are the only days Brian and I have off together all month. 

Invitations from Andrea Gerig Designs

I started off the morning frosting the cake and cupcakes.  I ended up baking a total of 6 cakes and made 4 batches of frosting.  YIKES!!!  Way too much work.  Normally we order Lily's cake from the Cake Gallery, but this year I wanted to do it by myself. 

I got most of the decorations from my favorite site Etsy.  I made the bunting all by myself though.  It turned out so cute!  Lily loved all the decorations and was so excited for her party to start. 

I took the top off my hutch in order to display the decorations and used the buffet to put the cake and treats on.  I thought it turned out so pretty!

The poms came from Pom Love

This is Lily when she was 3 months old!

The cake was supposed to have 5 layers but ended up only having 4.  I stopped while I was ahead because I was afraid I was going to lose the whole thing when one layer came apart.  I baked white and strawberry cakes and made 7 minute frosting. 

toppers came from Blissful Nest Studio

and the treats :)

For dinner we had meatball sandwiches, chips, potato salad, 2 different pasta salads, fresh fruit, and deviled eggs.  My mom made all of the salads.  She is a wonderful cook and everyone loves her dishes!  Brians dad made the deviled eggs for us. 

Lily couldn't wait to eat her cake.  She had been talking about it all day!  When we were making the frosting this morning she kept saying, "I just wanna bite" and "I just want some in my mouth!"  It was so cute!

Lily got lots of wonderful gifts from everyone!  We will have to sit down and go through everything tomorrow and let her play!  She loved everything she got...

My mom and Marley...

Lily and Cash {they will love this one when they get older!}

Lily got a new Silvermist dress up outfit she couldn't wait to put on...

Ashton, Lily, and Ava

As we were cleaning up we felt a few sprinkles and the sky got a bit darker.  Then all of a sudden we saw a pretty rainbow.  What a perfect ending to a wonderful party!

playing with her goodie bag...

the bags came from Jennifers Cookies

all clean and ready for bed... Good night princess!

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