Saturday, January 14, 2012

The best winter day EVER

On Jan 5th, the high was 66 degrees.  In Nebraska?  CRAZY!!!  The record high was 62 degrees back in the 1950's.  The windows were open and we played outside quite a bit.  I went a little overboard taking photos of the girls but I just couldn't resist the awesome weather!

Wanting to make a snow angel but clearly there was no snow!

Staring to cool off a bit...

Sweet little girl bear {teething}

The End...

cutest pants from Meg at Lavender Bird Creations

The new year...

So much to catch up on so most of the next few posts will be photos...

Attempting to get Marley to walk with assistance...

New Year's Eve

Lily's attempt at tracing the lights to write a letter "F".  I was pretty impressed!

Her new Pinkalicious outfit and purple lipgloss...

New Year's Day... mama was clearly tired from working all day!

Miss Marley's last night time bottle (the same day she walked).  A little sad :(

And she's walking!!!

After weeks and weeks of Marley taking steps and standing occasionally she is offically on two feet! 

standing for a split second

reach... can I get it?  Nope... I'll just crawl with it in my mouth!

getting closer...

And on January 2, 2012 {1-2-12} she is officially a walker!!!

Christmas Day {night}

As usual this is way late!  I've been soo busy getting my new Etsy shop all set up to go.  Hoping it will be open in the next week or so... Look for more details soon :)

Christmas Day night was spent at Kurt and Teresas.