Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time is going so fast...

I can't believe how fast the last 4 weeks have gone.  Brian was off work for a month and went back today.  So its just me and the girls.  Lily is still adjusting to life with Marley.  She is getting more comfortable with her.  She doesn't mind at all when she cries (which is a lot) and always gives her kisses goodnight and tells her she loves her. 

Lily and I have both had colds for the past several days but they seem to be getting better now.  Just hoping little Marley doesn't catch it.  She doesn't go back to the doctor until her 2 month check up. 

Last weekend Lily helped Papa Mike decorate his Christmas tree and we had Brians family over to watch the Nebraska game since we didn't want to take Marley out.  Before the game we had our picture taken for our annual Christmas cards. 

Then yesterday Marley turned 4 weeks old!  She is getting bigger by the day.  Her cheeks seem to be filling out a little more, however, I don't think she is near as chunky as Lily was at this age.  Marley doesn't seem to be a big go getter when it comes to eating.  She starts out strong but tapers off very quickly.  She is sleeping ok at night.  She seems to only want to sleep in her bouncy seat and not in her crib.  The night before last we tested the crib and she was up every 4 hours to eat.  Lastnight we tried the bouncy seat again...she ate at 9:30 and didn't get up to eat until 5:00 am.  I was impressed.  The only downfall is she makes a ton of noise when she sleeps.  She grunts so much she keeps us up all night.  Hopefully she outgrows that soon. 

Lily has been busy again with her bumblebee dress-up costume and playing doctor with her Sesame Street medical kit.  She is so cute...

first time in the swing

decorating papas tree

Lily's new Willow Tree ornament from Aunt Tee Tee

playing doctor with Marley

4 weeks old!

all ready for bed

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