Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Over the course of 3 days we had 3 Christmases.  Christmas Eve we drove out to Shelby to have Christmas with my dad and his wife Cindy and my siblings.  We were a little worried about the weather but did not have any problems at all getting out there.  We arrived early in order to feed Marley on time.  We enjoyed lots of good food and visiting before Santas arrival around 7 pm.  Courtney, Marley, and my dad were the only ones to sit on Santas lap.  Lily, Isabell, and Cash wouldn't even go get their presesnts from him.  Chase was the brave soul that walked up there to get his.  The kids really enjoyed their presents from Santa.  Lily got a Tinkerbell book and Tinkerbell blanket.  Marley got a fuzzy rabbit blanket buddy. 

After Santa left the kids started passing out the presents.  Normally we have each child go one at a time in birth order but of course with 3 two year olds, etc...this didn't work.  It was very hard to take pictures, video tape, and watch everyone else open their presents to see their reaction.  But all in all everyone had a blast.  The kids behaved very well.  Marley especially did awesome considering she hardly got to sleep while we were there. 

We planned on leaving by 9 pm but didn't get to leave until almost 10 because we fed Marley before we left.  Lily stayed awake the whole way home!  We were thankful to get both girls to sleep in order to get ready for Christmas morning. 

         (my dad with Marley and his wife Cindy with Lily)

                        reading Twas the night before Christmas               


Marleys 1st Christmas

Lily has a new found love for she got a Tinkerbell book with a wand and a fluffy Tinkerbell blanket!

         Lily also got to open all of Marley's presents

Marleys antique bird cage for her room...

all the grandkids in their pj's from Gma Lori

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