Thursday, May 24, 2012

More of March...

So, just when I thought I was only a month and a half behind I realize I am over 2 months behind.  Duh!  By looking at my last post it read April 7... so of course I thought April 8 would be next.  WRONG... I actually posted March photos which were 3 weeks behind... ugh...  So I'm backtracking a tad from Easter!

Daddy and his girls on a walk 3/15

While cleaning the girls decided to steal the bathroom rugs and have a tea party and play hopscotch!  3/19

I love that we only get 2 houses away and Marley already has her shoes and socks off!  3/20

She loves looking out the window... 3/22

Sick little girl :( 3/24

Caught red handed!!!  Little stinker... But hey it's ok to make a mess as long as you clean it up!  3/24

Paiting her playhouse

So they next day Marley was still not feeling well and threw the biggest fit when I tried to put her in her highchair... so this is where she ate her breakfast!

Ok... blogger is acting up and it's late so will have to finish this later!

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