Friday, February 10, 2012

A little catch up...

A photo update of what we've been up to the past month or so...

Playing peek-a-boo after breakfast

Second hair cut

Lunch break while shopping for Lily's new bed...

Lily had a built to grow crib that we had made into a full size bed.  This bed was beautiful but it took up her entire room.  We wanted something smaller so she could have space to play and move around.

Helping daddy put it together

All tucked in to her NEW bed

It's still a work in progress but she has SO much more room now.  We love it!

So sweet :)

Very independent girl learning to use a spoon!

Playing dress up...

She personally requested that I take her picture with her frilly dress!

Our princesses :)

Hot chocolate and a snack before bed

Watching Despicable Me

Playing in the garage

Still working on that spoon...

And this is what happened when I turned around for a second!

Doesn't she look so innocent?  I made each girl a pair of these ruffles to wear for V day... 

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