Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Sunday Brian had to work so the girls and I drove out to Shelby to see my dad.  I was anticipating a long trip thinking Lily would say she needed to potty frequently.  I bought a little travel potty and had it all set up just in case.  I was super surprised when she made it the whole way out there and never said she had to go and was dry!  Kudos to Lily!!!  She is still doing super with the potty training... just need to work on the poop and night time training. 
watching a movie on momma's iphone
Earlier in the week I had Lily make a couple of art projects for daddy.  I got a plate kit that she could color on and then I put a picture on it.  She also colored a picture that I put in a matted frame.  They both turned out really cute! 

On Sunday, Lily had a blast playing with her cousins.  She doesn't get to do this often enough... They played so well in the back yard.  They even got to run in the sprinkler.  None of the kids had their bathing suits so we all decided to just let them run around in the under-roos... They were so cute!  Lily will hate me when she is older for this one!

Lily doesn't see Grandpa Don very often.  My dad was afraid that Lily wouldn't talk to him.  I laughed and said give her 5 minutes and she won't be quiet.  Sure enough she warmed right up to him and she tried to get him to play dollies... So cute

She was afraid of the water for the longest time... Then as it was time to leave she decided to jump right in and stood in front of the water!

When daddy got off work we had dinner and he opened his gifts.  We gave him 2 shirts, a new Huskers mug, and the art projects.  My plan is to hang the art projects along with some photos in our bedroom.  Will post photos when I get that finished. 

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  1. Sweet pictures, Julie! You have the cutest little girls!