Friday, June 17, 2011

BIG girl bed!

Yesterday Brian went to NFM to get everything we needed to make Lily's bed into a full size bed.  Lily's crib was a "built to grow" set that can be converted to a toddler bed and a full size bed.  All we had to purchase were the wood rails and slat rolls.  We got just a mattress for now so the bed won't be too high for her.  We figured since she was doing ok with the toddler bed that we may just as well get this step out of the way too!  Lily's

Lastnight, Lily and I went to Target to pick out her new bedding.  I was really thinking we would do Tinkerbell sheets and such but Target didn't even carry full size sheets in Tinkerbell.  Bummer!  So Lily picked out a cute heart quilt and polka dot sheets.  She even got a princess pillow! 

Tonight, Brian put the bed together.  It is quite a bit bigger than she is but she will grow into it.  It takes up so much more space in her room too so I think I may have to rearrange a tad to make things work better. 

Lily stalled quite a bit before falling asleep.  We started the process about 8:40 and she didn't go to sleep until around 10:00.  After several trips to the potty she crashed in her new bed!

sweet dreams :)

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  1. Beautiful bed (and princess sleeping in it!). She is such a big girl! Hopefully she is still sleeping good in it. Asher still has not adjusted to his!
    Notice: I can comment (from work!). hummm....