Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 1 of potty training & a new swing set!

Brian and I made the decision a few weeks ago to begin potty training this weekend.  Brian is off for about 2 weeks and we figured this would be a good time since we would both be home.  This morning when Lily woke up I took off her diaper and told her she was going to be wearing big girl panties.  I told her there were no more diapers...  She whimpered a bit but didn't seem to mind too much. 

Since it was a special morning I made pancakes.  After Lily got done eating, I gave her some orange juice and to my surprise she asked to sit on the potty.  After and hour and fifteen minutes she went.  We did a little potty dance then we said bye bye to the potty and flushed it.  I started a chart and each time Lily went potty she got a sticker. 

Over the course of the hour and fifteen minutes she drank 2 cups of juice.  I knew she would probably have to go potty more but figured we had some time.  Unfortunately while standing in the kitchen we had a huge puddle.  Lily looked up at me and said, "I peed."  I grabbed her potty and sat her down and reassured her that everything was ok.  We got a dry pair of panties and went about our morning. 

Brian and Uncle Kurt were in the garage building Lily's new swing set.  Lily went outside with Aunt TT to watch.  Again to my surprise, Lily came running up the stairs saying she needed to potty.  And... she went!  We were so excited that she actually knew she had to go. 

The swing set process to about 5 hours in total.  Lily continued to tell us when she needed to potty throughout the day.  Couldn't have been more proud of her!  When the swing set was done, Lily got to enjoy some much needed play time.  She loves her new swing!

From start to finish...

lunch break!

After a long morning and hot afternoon it was time to relax a bit... Lily continued to do an excellent job at telling us when she needed to potty.  In fact, I think she is not finishing all the way so she keeps asking every 10 minutes or so.  During dinner, she got down 3-4 times saying she needed to potty.  As it turns out she POOPED in the potty!  Couldn't believe it!!!  We were so darn excited. 

 We had a little bumpy road getting ready for bed.  At first Lily was less than thrilled that I took the front rail of her crib off.  After 3 trips to the potty, going a very small amount each time, she laid down in her bed...

and 5 minutes later, was out like a light!  Sweet dreams baby, we are so very proud of you!!!

potty chart for the day!


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  2. Hi, I just popped over from Kelly's Corner and saw that you had a successful weekend potty training! Congrats! I also saw that you have a little one named Marley, so do we! It's not a name we come across often so I thought I'd say hi. Check out our girl anytime at