Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miss Marley is 5 months old!

Marley was 5 months old yesterday.  Mommy and Marley ran a few errands in the morning then relaxed most of the day.  The weather was so darn hot we ended up turning on the air for her at home.  She was getting so crabby and her poor cheeks were all red.  I guess out utility bills will be higher this summer!  Miss Marley wore the only short outfit she has.  I have been reluctant to buy her anything because I didn't know what size she would be in come summer.  She is 4 lbs lighter than Lily was at this age plus all of Lilys clothes from this age are winter. 

Marley is still quite difficult at times.  If she isn't sleeping or eating she is usually fussing.  She wants constant attention or for someone to hold her.  Most people say she either sounds like a sick cow or a weedeater when she fusses.  Argh... But overall I would still say she is a happy baby. 

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