Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marleys 1st taste of homemade baby food...

Marley had her first taste of baby food yesterday as well.  We were given the go ahead from our pediatrician to start baby food when we felt Marley was ready.  She mastered eating her cereal a couple of weeks ago so we figured we would give it a try.  When Lily was a baby we talked about making our own baby food but ended up not doing it.  This time around when we failed to continue breastfeeding I figured we could at least give Marley the added benefits of homemade baby food. 

I have been doing a little research over the last couple of months and started to prepare myself for the task.  The first food we chose was avocado.  Very simple to prepare considering it does not need to be pureed.  I just mashed up the avocado and mixed in a little cereal and formula.  We really weren't sure how Marley was going to like it.  To our surpise she LOVED it.  Who doesn't love avocado?  There weren't really any funny faces and in fact she acted like she wanted more!  So overall it was a hit!

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