Saturday, April 23, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

Since I wasn't able to continue breastfeeding with Marley I really wanted to give the home made baby food a try.  It really has been fun so far!  And not that hard either.  First round we fed Marley avocados.  These were very easy as all you have to do is mash them up and go.  I froze the rest of the avocado in slices in press and seal then in a Ziploc bag.  We can take them out of the freezer in the morning and they are good to go by dinner time. 

Next I baked sweet potatoes.  2 large sweet potatoes on a baking sheet for a little over and hour.  I let them cool on the counter then transferred them to the food processor.  I only had to a little bit of water for them to be at the right consistency and voila... I kept out enough in the fridge for a couple of days then froze the rest in these cute Beaba food trays from Williams Sonoma.  Once frozen you pop them out and put in a Ziploc bag back in the freezer!

mmm sweet taters!!!

After about 4 days we moved on to bananas.  Another easy fix.  Mash them up and go.  So easy!!!

This morning while carrying Marley in our new Ergo I decided to make her peas.  I was worried these would be much harder to make but they ended up not being too bad.  I bought frozen organic peas, steamed them for about 6 minutes, rinsed them in cold water and then transferred them to the food processor.  I pureed these bit longer to make sure they were nice and smooth.  Something tells me she won't like these as well tonight but we will see!

...and the peas were a HIT!!!

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