Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our BIG eater!!!

Big girl eating hot dog...

I am so pleased to say that Marley {holding my breath} has been a SUPERB eater over the last several days.  She is strictly eating table foods with an occasional homemade baby food if needed.  While Brian was out of town I experimented a bit and she was in LOVE with real food. 

all done!  I wished I would have taken a pic of what was on here... She ate every last bite :)

So far Marley has eaten:

An entire pancake
An entire hot dog (Lily has NEVER eaten a hot dog)
Mac & Cheese
Lunch meat
Hamburger (again, Lily has NEVER eaten hamburger)
Steamed cauliflower & broccoli
Roasted sweet potato chunks (made by mommy)
Grilled cheese
Carrot bites
Whole milk yogurt
Banana chunks
Peaches and Pears

If she keeps this up I will be one proud mommy!!!

sneaking in a bite of daddy's cereal too!

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