Friday, September 23, 2011


Fall is my favorite time of the year!  I love the cool crisp days where we can open the windows at home and air out the house.  I've even had my fall decorations out for almost 2 weeks now.  Probably a bit early but I jumped at the chance when I had the free time. 

We've had lots going on here... Both girls were sick, got better, and are now sick again.  Lily has been in preschool for 2 1/2 weeks and has had 2 colds.  I guess we better get used to it.  Marley just isn't getting a break at all.  She got over her ear infections and bad cold then wound up getting a horrible diaper rash.  I finally had to call the doctor and they called in a prescription cream for her.  The poor girl couldn't even sit down and kept her legs straight when we picked her up. 

Lily had some more cute projects she brought home from school.  On her second day they took pictures and made these cute apple frames.  I am just in love with all these cute things.  I can't wait to see what else she makes!

all ready for school!  Lily calls this her "Tinkerbell" hair :)

speaking of Tinkerbell... She didn't realize I was taking these pictures.

this one she posed for...

There is a new frozen yogurt place not far from our house.  Its called Yoji.  They have several machines with all kinds of flavors.  You can either mix the flavors or get just one kind.  Then there are infinite possibilities for toppings.  You weigh the yogurt then take it home.  Its a bit pricey but we had two 50% off coupons which helped a bit.  It is YUMMY!  Lily and Marley were begging for bites. 

All ready for her first school pictures.  Can't wait to see what these look like.  She doesn't sit still for much!

While Lily was at school and Marley was napping I made some new headbands.  Lily LOVED them.  She was so excited she wore this all day... And yes she put it on all by herself.  She didn't want any help!

Last pictures I have of them in their car seats...

Today the girls and I went to pick up Lily's new car seat.  Marley was getting too heavy to carry in the infant seat and kept messing with the canopy so she is now in a big girl car seat.  She got Lily's convertible car seat.  I washed the cover today and re thread the straps so it would fit Marley.  Then after dinner we put the seats in the car.  As the girls sat there buckled, Lily looked at Marley and said, "That's my seat..."  Smart cookie! 

I knew which seat I wanted for Lily and there were several color choices.  I showed them all to her and of course she picked the hot pink one.  It actually looks pretty sharp.  She has been getting herself in and out of the car seat on her own lately.  Every time we get in the car she says, "I wanna do it myself."  Independent little girl. 

Oh and I almost forgot... Marley has let go while standing a few times.  She is getting very daring these days.  She also said ma ma and da da yesterday.    My little baby is growing up way too fast. 

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  1. Adorable pictures!! Love those in their car seats and Lily with her tinkerbells...too cute! I will have to check out this Yogi frozen yogurt. Sounds WONDERFUL! Is it with the Scooters @ 22nd & Capehart?