Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marley {10 mos old}

September 9, 2011 ~ 18 lb 13 oz

Miss Marley was 10 months old last Friday.  I had quite the time trying to take pictures of her with her monthly sticker.  She wouldn't leave the thing alone.  So I ended up sticking it to her back where she couldn't get to it.  Ha Ha! 

poor girl just didn't want her picture taken!

Marley is walking along the couch and still tries to stand up on her own but just doesn't have what it takes yet.  Soon enough though! 

Still no favorite toy or blankie.  She loves playing with Lily's dollhouses.  She also loves the remote! 

Wears a wide range of sizes.  3-6 month bottoms {shorty} and 6-9 and 12-18 month tops depending on the brand. 

LOVES bath time
HATES socks... well LOVES to pull them off
Still likes a binky
Sleeps all night :)
Sleeps in a sleep sack with wind as white noise
2 bottom teeth (looks like more coming)
Loves Bubble Guppies
Takes 2-3 naps a day
LOVES to eat
LOVES her big sister

and Friday night before bed.  She was still pretty sick (up until yesterday) and her left eye is still so yucky. 


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