Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st day of Preschool

Today was Lily's very first day of preschool.  I had a special outfit made for Lily to remember her special day.  We got up, ate, took pictures and headed out the door in plenty of time... so I thought!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit she was LATE.  I didn't get to go to Lily's "Get Acquainted Day" last week since I was working.  There was so much information in her folder it was a little overwhelming.  In big bold letters and highlighted at the bottom of one of the sheets said 9:30-11.  I guess I missed the other part that said 9-11:30.  Anyway she only missed an introduction song.  (sorry Lily) Next time we will know.  I hardly even said good bye to her because there was a poor little boy screaming his lungs out for his mommy.  I dropped Lily off and out we went.

I was so bummed this picture didn't turn out.  Darn phone...

1st art project.  So proud of her!!!

While Lily was at preschool, I took Marley to the doctor.  She has been sick since Saturday.  Poor baby can hardly eat and is not a fan of having her nose sucked out.  Can't blame her but Lily LOVED it as a baby... still does. 

She hasn't finished a bottle in days and sometimes takes her 30-40 minutes to eat soaking through 2 bibs.  She hasn't slept well either.  Come to find out she has a DOUBLE ear infection.  No wonder she felt so poorly.  Dr Macklem said she just knew it when she saw her eyes.  The same gunk was coming out of her eyes.  This is our very first ear infection we've had in this household.  Lily has never had one.  I hope this isn't a sign of what is to come in the very near future.  Marley is to take an antibiotic for 10 days then go back in 3 weeks to have her ears re-checked.  I'm also hoping she isn't allergic to the medicine as Lily was.  Get well baby girl!

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  1. Her outfit is SO CUTE! Where is she going to preschool? How does she like it?