Monday, March 7, 2011

Marleys Baptism

Saturday we celebrated Marleys baptism.  It was sort of a last minute thing.  I was previously a member of the Lutheran church in Avoca.  This is also where Lily was baptised.  Since we have lived in Bellevue nearly 3 years I figured it would be best to transfer my membership to a church near our home.  Thankfully there is a church just blocks from our home.  So a couple of weeks ago we joined the church and scheduled Marleys baptism. 

It was sort of an informal private ceremony with family.  Marley has 2 sets of godparents as does Lily.  We chose my sister and Ed and Brians sister Teresa and her boyfriend Kurt as her sponsors.  The blessing only lasted a few minutes then we were able to take some pictures.  After pictures we headed to our house for a nice dinner. 

Marleys godparents Kurt & Teresa and Michelle & Ed

Marley is wearing a gold ring from Grandma & Grandpa Sampson and she even wore Courtneys white booties from her baptism 11 years ago

Grandma Lori and Grandpa Mike


Grandpa Don and Grandma Cindy

Aunt Teresa and Uncle Kurt

Marley looks an awful lot like Lily in this picture!

Cashman is a baby hog!  He was so worried about where she was and just kept kissing her!

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