Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mommy is sick...

Several weeks ago I had a bad cold or the flu.  Never went to the doctor.  After a week and a half I started getting better.  Then a week ago Tuesday I started developing all new symptoms.  Some I won't mention...  My biggest complaint was constant itching all over.  I had Brian call the doctors office for me on Wednesday but they wouldn't talk to him about my medical issues.  I couldn't be by a phone all day so it made it difficult for me to try to talk to them.  Part of the day I started to feel better so I figured I would wait and see how I felt the next day.  As Thursday rolled around nothing had changed so I went to the doctor over my lunch break.  Sure enough something was wrong but I didn't know exactly what.  I was told I had billirubin in my urine and that is what the itching was from.  Hmm...  They ran several blood tests and said I probably wouldn't hear until morning.  My doctor said my labs would more than likely come back abnormal and that I would probably need an ultrasound of my liver the next morning.  Geez, I was really started to get worried. 

Friday morning came and I received a phone call from my doctors nurse stating my labs were abnormal and I needed to be at the hospital in an hour for the ultrasound.  Brians sister Tina was able to watch the girls for me on short notice, couldn't thank her enough. 

Luckily I hadn't eaten or drank anything yet because otherwise they wouldn't have been able to do the ultrasound.  I also haven't had much of an appetite.  The ultrasound didn't take too long and I was instructed to report to the doctors office for the results.  Sure enough the ultrasound showed inflammation of my liver.  Thankfully there were no masses or anything of that sort.  Everything else looked great!  Only problem was we don't know what is causing this.  I was given 2 prescriptions to help stop the itching.  I was itching so much I was bruising my skin!  Not fun...

Brians sister Teresa was sweet enough to take Lily for a couple of days so I could get some much needed rest.  Lily spent the night with them Friday and Saturday night.  Seriously can't thank her enough!!!

On Monday morning I still wasn't feeling well.  Very fatigued, loss of appetite, still itching, and now my eyes looked yellow.  I called the doctors office and they suggested I have my blood drawn again so they could re-check my liver enzymes.  I went in on my lunch hour and was again told it would be at least 3 hours before I would hear anything.  By 5 pm one of the nurses called and said they hadn't gotten the results.  Finally after 3 phone calls I got an answer at 11:30 on Tuesday.  Mind you by this point I am completely jaundice!  Skin is yellow as are my eyes.  To my surprise and theirs my liver enzymes had doubled.  At this point they said they wouldn't be able to help me and I was referred out to a GI specialist.  Thank heavens I got an appointment at UNMC for Wednesday morning.

I was very thankful that my sister went with me to the appointment.  There is so much of the lingo that I don't understand.  The doctor and his assistant went over all of my lab results and ultrasound as well as my history.  They definitely said that something is wrong but we need to figure out what exactly.  They could see my yellow skin and eyes it wasn't just me.  Oh and I have lost 7 lbs in the last week. 

They are running several more blood tests in which I probably won't get the results until Monday.  I think there were about 8 tests in which they took 4 vials of blood.  IF they do not get an answer from these tests I will have to have a liver biopsy next week.  I am praying this doesn't have to be done.  I've heard they can be quite painful.  We are speculating a few things at this time but are no where near certain.  I have no idea if this is something that will affect me the rest of my life or not.  Just trying to remain positive and am asking for a few extra prayers.  Will update when I know more...

heres a peek at my jaundice...its a nasty looking tan!

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  1. Thinking about you, Julie and hoping you get things figured out.