Saturday, March 26, 2011


I really don't have much to update with.  I saw a GI specialist last Wednesday.  He ran several more blood tests to try to come up with something.  Unfortunately none of the results were very clear.  I had a follow up appointment on Thursday.  I had my labs drawn before my appointment then Michelle and I headed up to see the doctor.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for the labs to come back.  It was nearing noon and Michelle needed to leave to get back to work.  She wrote down a list of things to mention and questions to ask.  As she opened the door the doctor was heading in.  She said to him that she needed to leave and he said again he was headed in.  Michelle asked him if he wanted her to stay and he said, Yes...  My heart sank for a moment! 

It appeared that my liver enzymes were recovering but my bilirubin levels went up significantly.  From 4.3 to 10.9.  This would explain why I feel like complete crap and look like crap.  I looked more yellow than ever and could hardly stay awake.  Mind you I had continued to go to work every day through all of this. 

Anyway, Dr. McCashland recommended I have a liver biopsy right away.  He was able to get me in Friday at 1 pm.  I was nervous, I had been hearing all kinds of bad things about these biopsies.  We reported to UNMC at 12 to check in.  They took me back to a curtained off room and prepped me for the procedure.  They put in an IV and they allowed Brian and Michelle to come back until they started.  Thankfully when Dr. McCashland arrived he said they could stay and watch.  That made me feel a lot better.

An ultrasound tech came in to find the best spot for the needle to go in.  I was given some medication that made me very sleepy.  Then he numbed the area and thats about all that I remember.  During the procedure they insert a needle between the ribs and extract a piece of liver tissue.  They showed me the sample in the jar and it looked like a little worm...

I then slept for quite a while.  They kept me a little over 2 hours after the procedure to monitor my vitals and to make sure there was no bleeding.  I took it easy and rested the remainder of the day. 

As of now I really have no pain from the biopsy, couldn't be happier about that.  Now we just wait until Monday to get the results.  Again, hoping this is something very simple to fix. 

Here is another look at my jaundice tan...

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