Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Game day, etc...

Saturday Brian asked if would be ok if he went to watch the Nebraska game somewhere.  Since it was so close to Lily going to bed it really didn't matter much to me.  So for the first time since Marley was born I got a taste of what it would be like to have them both home by myself.  Both girls were great.  Marley slept almost the whole time.  Lily was almost a complete angel with the exception of one thing...I went to change Marley's diaper to get her ready to eat.  I had already gotten the bottle ready and set it on the end table by the chair.  To my surprise when I came back, Lily was standing in front of the tv with the bottle in her mouth.  She seemed to thing it was pretty tasty and called it her milk.  So I set Marley down and went back to the kitchen to make yet another bottle.  I explained to Lily that the bottle was for the baby and that she is a big girl.  I still don't think she cared. 

Aunt Teresa came to visit on Monday.  She hadn't seen the girls in over a week due to being sick.  She brought some gifts from Kurts mom Eva.  Eva had knitted Marley a blanket and a hat and scarf for Lily.  Lily loves hats and ended up wearing it the entire afternoon and evening. 

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