Monday, November 22, 2010

1st HUSKER game

We took Marley to the doctor this morning to have her bili levels check for her jaundice.  Her levels went up from 11 to 14.8 so we had to take her back in Monday morning.  She gained a few ounces since the day before, up to 6 lb 5 oz.   

Lily gets so excited when she gets to wear her Husker gear.  Everytime we get her clothes out to wear on game day she says, "my hukers...go big red"  its so cute.  She will say the same thing when daddy puts his shirt on..."daddy you got your hukers too..."  So she was really excited when Marley got to put her outfit on too.

We had a few visitors over to watch the game.  I was gracious enough to get the game for Brian since it was on pay-per-view.  We both knew he wouldn't be able to leave the house to watch it somewhere else.   
Uncle Kevin & Aunt Charity came to visit on Sunday too.  This was the first time Kevin got to see Marley.  Grandma Lori also stopped by. 
Uncle Kevin, Chase, and Isabell

Daddy and his girls (note how yellow Marley is...)

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