Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Sister Little Sister

So on Friday the 19th, we set out to take pictures for Marleys birth announcements.  Lily sometimes isn't a fan of sitting still so I didn't know how this would go.  To my surprise she did great and it only took a few minutes. 

This same day we made the tough decision to give up on the breastfeeding.  It was a lot harder on me than anyone.  Brian did a great job and was sticking by me a supporting me the whole time.  He knew it wasn't working well for any of us.  I was a walking zombie as I hadn't hardly slept in days and was in so much pain.  We knew that Marley would be just fine on formula as was Lily.  I just really wanted this to work out but Marley wasn't getting enough to eat.  So after her first bottle of formula she seemed quite satisfied and happy.  Can't say the same for mommy :(

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