Monday, December 12, 2011

Troubles with blog :(

I've been having some issues with this blog recently!  For the past month, I've been trying to change out the photo at the top of my blog to no avail.  I kept getting a message that all of my FREE space was gone and that I would have to purchase space to upload more photos.  I was able to go through my Picasa gallery and delete a few unneeded photos in order to upload the blog header photo. 

Then I for some reason can no longer change the background to my blog.  When I go through the design portion of the settings I can erase the current HTML code but I cannot paste the new one.  It won't even acknowledge the fact the I right click in that box.  FRUSTRATED!!!  I've posted a question on Google help forums and haven't gotten any responses.  So... If anyone is reading this and has any inkling on how to help me, please let me know.  Thank you!!!

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  1. I used to have that problem about having too many pictures. I started deleting some...but then the problem went away. I don't know what changed...but I have no problems since. I wish I could be more helpful.
    Are things better now?