Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a ZOO of a day!

This morning we headed to the zoo about 10.  OMG, There were buses and kids everywhere!!!  I guess everyone had the same idea.  After we renewed our membership we headed to the monkey house first.  Lily seemed quite interested in all of the animals. 

Next we rode the train.  We sat and we sat some more waiting for everyone to get on the train.  I don't think the driver or should I say engineer... was very experienced in driving the train.  We jerked around so much it was crazy.  Kids were screaming because the darn train was jerking so bad...  At the end of the ride Marley was exhausted and needed to eat.  To our surprise as soon as I started walking she fell asleep... so sweet :)

waiting for the train

After lunch we went to the aquarium.  I hadn't eaten anything yet so I got a hot dog and a soda.  While Brian and Lily were waiting for me, Lily picked up a piece of popcorn off the ground and ATE it.  How disgusting! 

Lily actually wanted to go to the aquarium first but there were just SO many people.  Turns out the crowd wasn't any better... It was so hot and loud in there, however, Marlely didn't seem to mind as she fell asleep lying in the stroller. 

After leaving the aquarium Lily kept asking for me to carry her.  I wasn't about to carry around a 36 lb girl on my hip.  I hadn't tried the Ergo on my back yet and the weight limit is 35 lbs.  I got it on and Brian lifted Lily up onto my back.  It wasn't so bad at first... We walked down the hill to see the giraffes but then of course we had to walk back up... YIKES.  She was a bit heavy! 
I think Brian was a tad impressed that I did it... kuddos for momma!

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