Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marley is 2 months old!

 2 months old!
My goodness, time is just flying by so quickly.  We took Marley to her 2 month check-up Friday.  She weighed 9 lb 13 oz (26 %), is 22 1/4" tall (50%), and her head circumference is 15.2" (50%).  She got 3 shots and 1 liquid drink.  Overall Dr. Macklem said she looks great and to keep up the good work.  We are continuing both prescription medications she is on for her reflux and gas issues.  We should be able to stop both of them by 6 mos of age. 

After Marley's appointment we drove out to Sams Club to renew our membership since formula is much cheaper there.  Marley was an angel in the store.  We fed her while we were walking around then went to eat lunch at Jason's Deli.  She slept through the whole thing.  Must have been a combination of the shots and the Tylenol we gave her. 

After lunch we picked Lily up from Aunt Teresas and headed home.  Marley continued to do well the rest of the day given her shots.  We were very worried we would have a very cranky girl.  She napped most of the day only waking to eat and slept all night!

Lily and I had a mommy and daughter morning Saturday.  We went to Babies R' Us to stock up on diapers since we had some huge coupons and rewards dollars to use up.  Every little bit helps when you are buying diapers for 2 kids.  Yes, Lily still refuses to potty train.  She screams when you try to sit her down on the potty.  Hopefully one of these days she will just decide she wants to do it!  

Saturday night we were down to 1 child for a few hours.  Taylor asked if she could take Lily to a basketball game and of course we didn't object.  I had completely fogot about it until a half hour before she left.  We didn't know what to do with ourselves. We ended up going to Target to buy baby supplies, rented a movie, and picked up take out.  Marley wasn't the happiest of babies either.  We think she as just plain tired and ready to go to bed.  Oh well. 
8 weeks old

Princess Lily

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