Friday, December 20, 2013

bye bye B

This day should have come a long time ago.  We meant to do it when she turned 2 but just (I) didn't have the heart to do it.  She was my baby and somehow I just wanted her to stay little.  So, on Wednesday morning I hid both of her B's (one to save and the other to cut). 

For the past couple of weeks, Marley has thought that when it gets dark she needs to put on her jammies and get her B.  It gets dark by 5 pm!  So we've had to break her of the B thing...  Wednesday eve I casually handed her the broken B.  She didn't even notice!  She put it in her mouth and took it back out and looked at it funny.  Then came the whining.  I simply told her it broke and we'd have to throw it away.  This method worked for her sister when she was 2 but Marley wasn't having that excuse.  So when she wasn't looking I grabbed the B and hid it.  She asked where it was and I said it was all gone, no more B's for Marley.  She seemed to think we'd just go to the store in the morning and get her more.  It took a little longer for her to fall asleep without the comfort of her pal B.  She cried for it and I reassured her she was a big girl and that B's were all gone and weren't coming back. 

She woke me up around 3 am and I took her back to bed to tuck her in.  She had the iPad was watching a movie.  Really?  I laid her down and rubbed her back and she quickly fell asleep. 

Lastnight went a little better at bedtime.  She only asked a couple of times for B and she slept all night.  So, hoping this is a trend and she will be over it soon.  Then we can begin the big task of potty training after the holidays!  Would LOVE to have a short break from diapers before baby brother arrives!  We've been buying diapers continually since 2008!  I can only imagine how much we've spent!!!

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