Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baking Christmas Cookies

We spent all day last Saturday prepping and baking sugar cookies.  I started prepping for the dough first thing in the morning.  Seems like it takes forever for butter to soften!  I found this yummy recipe on Pinterest.  Then the mixing began, that is until my little hand mixer told me, "no more of this"!  There was quite a bit of smoke and some odd spark like light ups inside the machine.  I reached for the plug and put the mixer out of its misery.  Thankfully I was near done mixing so was able to finish up by hand.  Not as easy as one would think. 

After the dough was all mixed up I put it in the fridge to cool then Lily and I headed out for a new mixer.  I didn't mess around this time though.  We got a nice big Kitchen Aid mixer and a smaller handheld for our daily uses like mashed potatoes and such. 

By the time I got home it was mid afternoon.  The girls and I started in on the baking.  Brian had decided he had had enough and slept on the couch while we worked.  Both girls loved the rolling pin.  They rolled and rolled even though the dough didn't even spread.  So cute!  Then we dug into the flour!  It was everywhere...  We had a few stressful moments where I could have used an extra steady hand but we made it work.  And the cookies were indeed a huge success considering not a one was burnt!  One happy mama! 

My little taste testers!  I think they approved!
 After dinner we tested out the new mixer to make the frosting then sat down at the table as a family to decorate.  The girls REALLY enjoyed the sprinkles!  A little too much...  But all in all we had fun and the cookies looked great :)
And a glimpse at our delicious cookies!  I will definitely be making these again.  Cannot get enough of them :)

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