Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nine Months

Miss Marley is 9 months old today!  Where oh where has the time gone?  Marley is the sweetest little baby.  She is smiley most of the time and generally happy.  She LOVES to be carried around by her mama!!!  I don't complain too much because Lily wasn't really a mamas girl so I love the fact that she needs the extra comfort from me. 

Marley really wasn't having fun with the picture taking.  She woke up about 7:20 and was really tired.  She also wouldn't leave the sticker alone on her shirt.  Maybe we will try later!

Marley's first LUNCH!  mmm... yogurt!

messy baby!

Backtracking a bit... Yesterday I took Marley to her 9 month check up.  Everything checked out just fine.  She got one shot and did an awesome job.  We also got the go ahead for chunkier foods, proteins, and whole milk yogurt.  I also confirmed the fact that Marley has to remain rear facing until she is TWO!!!  As soon as I purchase a new car seat for Lily I will move Marley to Lily's big girl convertible car seat!!!   She is getting heavier to carry in the infant seat. 

Patiently waiting for Dr. Macklem and then the nurse for the dreaded shot...

and after...

As of today, Marley is eating 3 meals a day and will hopefully be down to 4 bottles very soon!  She seems to be doing a GREAT job with her food.  She feeds herself puffs and baby mum mums and holds her own sippy cup with water.  At this point there isn't much she doesn't like.  I have a list of new meals to make for her in the next coming weeks. 

Marley is still much smaller than her big sister.  At 9 months Lily weighed 22 lb 15 oz and was 28" tall.  Lily was wearing 12-18 month clothing!

Marley at NINE months:

18 lbs 5 oz
Size 6-12 month clothing
Size 0-1 shoes (teeny tiny feet!)

Sits up without support
Army crawls
Pulls self up to knees on stationary object
Stands well with help
Stands holding onto furniture with some help
Naps 1-3 times per day (usually 2)
Sleeps 10-11 hours at night (except for last night :))
LOVES her binky
No favorite blankie right now but loves her teething toys and Sophie the Giraffe

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